1. To maintain the premium look and feel of the countertop, take time out to clean it regularly.
  2. Water can easily get into cracks and slowly damage your countertop. Apply granite sealer or ask the company that installs the countertops to seal them for you.
  3. Avoid sitting, standing, or leaning on the granite platform with force. It may be harder than other types of countertops, but it’s also less flexible.
  4. Stacking used dishes on the granite countertop may not damage it, but a stack of dishes falling could chip the granite.
  5. Always use a cutting board. If you accidentally happen to hit the countertop, it will initially develop a mild crack but can become a grave issue over time.
  6. If you spot a spill, clean it up before the stain penetrates the surface. Granite can absorb stains if spills aren’t cleaned in a timely manner.
  7. Clean the granite countertop with a good quality granite cleaner to remove any debris or residues on the surface.
  8. Granite is tougher than most common countertop options like Formica, and it stands up well to regular wear and tears.