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Cut to size


Our Cut-to-Size Granite is a very cost effective natural stone and is pre-cut to 2m x 0.6m in standard 30mm kitchen tops thickness. A balance of elegance, quality and functionality.

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Our Swiss Performance Quartz is a cost effective engineered stone, standard slab size 1.4m x 3m, available in 20mm and 30mm. It is the perfect low maintenance surface for high traffic areas.

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View our 8 Cut-to-Size Granite Colours available in Black, Dark Grey, Dark Pink, Light Grey, Light Pink, Nut Brown, Peach Red & Mahogany Mist. A lasting investment to increase the value of your home.

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Starry Blue, Starry Brown, Starry Black, Starry Grey, Starry Cream, Starry Red, Starry White, Cloudy White, Pure White, White Shell, Arabescato, Bianco Calacutta, Nero Calacutta & Venetino

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Welcome To International Granite Company

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Discover the Perfect Granite and Quartz Surfaces for Your Home

At International Granite Company, we specialise in providing high-quality cut-to-size granite and quartz surfaces directly to homeowners like you. With our extensive range of imported products and our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, we offer the best solutions to enhance the elegance, functionality, and value of your living spaces. Experience our innovative and forward-thinking approach as we help you find the perfect surface for your home.


What Sets Us Apart

We go above and beyond to ensure that you receive the best possible product and service. Our mission is to make your selection process easy and enjoyable by offering a wide range of imported products that cater to your unique preferences and requirements. We firmly believe in the quality of our products, and we are confident that you will share our enthusiasm once you see the transformative impact they have on your living spaces. Our surfaces not only add beauty to any setting but also represent a lasting investment that enhances the value of your home.

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Our Simple Process

1. Visit our conveniently located showrooms: 

Step into one of our showrooms near you and explore the stunning variety of Granite and Swiss Performance Quartz surfaces. Our friendly and experienced staff will guide you through the selection process, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your needs.

2. Make your choice and place your order: 

Once you have identified the colour and material that captures your vision, you can easily place your order with us. Our team will assist you in finalising the details and answering any questions you may have.

3. Arrange transportation / delivery and installation: 

After settling on your preferred surface, it’s time to make arrangements for transportation/delivery and installation. Because we don’t install the countertops we provide, you have to research and choose your preferred installer. You can also install these countertops yourself, as they can be cut to the size you require for your space.

Discover Our Range of Surfaces

Cut-to-Size Granite: 

Our cost-effective natural stone is available in a range of exquisite colours. Pre-cut to a standard size of 2m x 0.6m with a thickness of 30mm, our kitchen tops offer a harmonious blend of elegance, quality, and functionality.


Swiss Performance Quartz: 

Experience the beauty and durability of our engineered stone. Our Swiss Performance Quartz slabs, with a standard size of 1.4m x 3m and available in 20mm and 30mm thicknesses, are ideal for high-traffic areas. They provide a low-maintenance surface that retains its beauty for years to come.

Cut To Size Granite Collection

Explore Our Stunning Colour Palette

Choose from our captivating range of colours to find the perfect match for your style and design preferences. Our Cut-to-Size Granite collection offers a choice of 8 colours, including Black, Dark Grey, Dark Pink, Light Grey, Light Pink, Nut Brown, Peach Red, and Mahogany Mist. Each selection represents a lasting investment that adds value to your home.

For our Swiss Performance Quartz, immerse yourself in a world of possibilities with colours like Starry Blue, Starry Brown, Starry Black, Starry Grey, Starry Cream, Starry Red, Starry White, Cloudy White, Pure White, White Shell, Arabescato, Bianco Calcutta, Nero Calcutta, and Venatino. Let your creativity flow and find the perfect surface to bring your vision to life.

Quartz Countertop Care Tips


Would you like to find out how to best care for your quartz countertop? We compiled a list of top tips that will ensure your Swiss Performance Quartz stands the test of time.

Granite Countertops Care Tips

Light Grey Granite Countertop

To maintain the premium look and feel of the countertop, take time to clean it regularly. Keen to learn our top tips about how to best take care of your granite kitchen top?

Transform Your Space Today

Experience the beauty and functionality of our granite and quartz surfaces. Visit one of our showrooms to see our exceptional products up close and receive personalised assistance from our knowledgeable staff. Enhance the value and aesthetics of your home with International Granite Company – your trusted partner for premium surfaces.


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